Friday, 29 April 2016

Alan's Chub Bug

This fly is inspired by a pattern a friend of mine has adapted to chase chub in urban canals and its success rate is phenomenal. That said, never one to not have ideas on alternatives and variations I came up with this version, which just a week ago I dropped into the water to show my friend. As I was stood talking to him about the pattern and not paying to much attention to the area around the fly, a Pike sprang out of the murk and whacked it, now being on a 3wt rod at the time I didnt think it would reach the bank and sure enough in around 10 seconds, just long enough to really bend the rod... Ping and it had bitten me off. So here it is for all to try and I hope you do try it as im fairly confident it will produce if the fish are there for you.

Materials Used
  • Semperfli nano silk Olive 30D
  • Semperfli Straggle String in Black
  • Semperfli Goose Biots Black
  • Semperfli Stretch Floss in Black
  • Chain Bead Eyes in Silver
  • Partridge of Redditch Czech Nymph Patriot Barbless size 12
Thread base 

A Pinch of Black Marabou 

Secure it down with thread and trim of the front excess, cover with thread 

Tidy up with the thread but don't worry to much as this will be covered up 

Take your Bead eyes and secure using a figure of 8 pattern with the thread 

Take another pinch of Marabou either side of the hook and secure  

Tighten down well 

 Trim off the excess 

Cover with the thread and tie in a section of Straggle string at the rear

Take the Stretch Floss and place a piece each side using the bend in it to create this effect 

Secure with thread and pull well to make the legs splay and tie in two Biots

You Should see this 

 wrap the Straggle string around the body, bring the biots back over the eyes and secure it all with thread behind the eyes 

You should have this  

Whip finish using a drop of varnish on the thread 

This is your finished fly 

It looks quite buggy and certainly works 

I Hope you enjoyed this 
Thanks for getting this far and please feel free to check out these links 

 The Flash Mullet

This simple bait fish pattern can be varied according to your colour preference and the desired target species, but with its lack of bulk and water shedding property's it's a great fly to have in your arsenal.

Materials used 
  • Semperfli Predator fibres in cream and tan
  • Semperfli Nano Silk 200D White
  • Varnish/Resin/Super glue to suit your preference 
  • Silver Ice Dubbing
  • Partridge of Redditch CS45 2/0

Thread base 

Take the cream Predator Fibres and cut to the desired length

holding them so that they are flat like so

Loosen your grip and pull a slight taper into the material with your spare hand

You should end up with this 

Tie onto the top of the hook with a loose wrap of thread

Using your thumb roll side to side to disperse the fibre around the hook shank

Once happy with distribution of the fibre being even

Secure with the thread, which does not take much using Nano Silk as its so very strong

Now the thread is secure, using a comb brush the fibre to tease the fibres apart 

start at the free end working back towards the thread so that you don't get stuck in knots 

You should now see this, lots of volume for little fibre

Using the latest space age tool push the fibre back like so

Your looking to bring it back on itself 

NOT this far, stop at the front of the fibre bend 

You should see this effect

Now the thread damn to hold the fibres back without losing volume  

Use your desired Glue or varnish to secure the thread before moving on at each stage

Take another section of fibre as before this time your only distributing the fibre around the bottom half of the shank

Take the Tan Fibre and place on the top half this needs to be around 1cm shorter in length

Now you have the start of the twin tone, secure with thread

You should be looking at this 

Take your time to ensure the fibre does not rotate out of the desired position 

Take some silver dubbing and place on the side of the hook as you did with the fibre and secure with thread

Push back the fibre again 

 Thread damn

 Move forward 0.5cm approximately 

 Repeat, Tan on top Cream on bottom and Silver Dubbing on the sides

 Really make sure that Fibre does not rotate around the hook when securing with thread 

 Shorter sections of fibre now for the belly so as to achieve the taper desired

 Make sure the fibre comes back evenly over the hook before you secure

 You can see the stages here working towards the hook eye

 The more you do it the quicker it becomes, But make sure you take your time at first

 Nearly at the Eye of the hook now

 Pull that thread tight and distribute those fibres

 More dubbing this time top and bottom

 Thread damn and Whip finish

Pop on your Eyes 

Sit back and Admire your Fly

Now It wasn't that hard now and look at what you now have 

Thanks for taking the time to get this far and please feel free to drop by my Blog or my Facebook page , Enjoy