Friday, 29 April 2016

Alan's Chub Bug

This fly is inspired by a pattern a friend of mine has adapted to chase chub in urban canals and its success rate is phenomenal. That said, never one to not have ideas on alternatives and variations I came up with this version, which just a week ago I dropped into the water to show my friend. As I was stood talking to him about the pattern and not paying to much attention to the area around the fly, a Pike sprang out of the murk and whacked it, now being on a 3wt rod at the time I didnt think it would reach the bank and sure enough in around 10 seconds, just long enough to really bend the rod... Ping and it had bitten me off. So here it is for all to try and I hope you do try it as im fairly confident it will produce if the fish are there for you.

Materials Used
  • Semperfli nano silk Olive 30D
  • Semperfli Straggle String in Black
  • Semperfli Goose Biots Black
  • Semperfli Stretch Floss in Black
  • Chain Bead Eyes in Silver
  • Partridge of Redditch Czech Nymph Patriot Barbless size 12
Thread base 

A Pinch of Black Marabou 

Secure it down with thread and trim of the front excess, cover with thread 

Tidy up with the thread but don't worry to much as this will be covered up 

Take your Bead eyes and secure using a figure of 8 pattern with the thread 

Take another pinch of Marabou either side of the hook and secure  

Tighten down well 

 Trim off the excess 

Cover with the thread and tie in a section of Straggle string at the rear

Take the Stretch Floss and place a piece each side using the bend in it to create this effect 

Secure with thread and pull well to make the legs splay and tie in two Biots

You Should see this 

 wrap the Straggle string around the body, bring the biots back over the eyes and secure it all with thread behind the eyes 

You should have this  

Whip finish using a drop of varnish on the thread 

This is your finished fly 

It looks quite buggy and certainly works 

I Hope you enjoyed this 
Thanks for getting this far and please feel free to check out these links 

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